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miércoles, 18 de mayo de 2011

This was the initial design for the main scene, it felt a bit boring and long so i decided to change it.
Este era el diseño original para la escena principal, pero se sentía algo aburrida y decidí hacerle unos cambios.

This is the second design I created, it felt much better (thanks for mental ray tips by Jeremy Vickery).
Este es el segundo diseño (gracias por la ayuda con mental ray brindada por Jeremy Vickery)

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Charlie dijo...

It looks great. Did you ever consider open sourcing this game so that perhaps the community can help you fix those last few bugs?

Glen Fernández dijo...

Open sourcing it has its share of problems, I would have to share the original assets and I wouldn’t be too comfortable with it.

I was thinking about maybe using Kickstarter so I could dedicate myself completely to this game and maybe even hiring people, but they are accepting US only projects for now.

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